Map of Leribe

Map of Leribe on 102 Trading on Momentum If the tracking diary shows that gainers that gapped up on a weak story have been gapping up, climbing a small amount, and then dropping drastically as they normally do on weak stories, you would have a pretty clear course of action. If, for some reason, even the weaker stories that gapped up climbed another point or two before dropping, it would present a different course of action. Your tracking diary can also tell you that the gainer pattern is not acting predictably over the past few days due to external market influences and you should stay away from them at all costs until they once again start acting predictably. This is as close as you can get to taking a peek at your opponent’s cards. No one can predict with certainty what a stock will do, but the tracking diary can certainly tell you what it has done and might do a good percentage of the time today. Will this always work? Certainly not. Will it work most of the time? That depends on current market conditions and how diligent you are in tracking your patterns. Map of Leribe 2016.

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