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Map of Leobendorf on Mr. Raymond got up and Kelly grabbed him and put one hand behind his neck and beat him with the other, and then threw him on the couch. He fell to the floor. I’m a man and can’t take a blow, but I’ll fight you, Mr. Raymond said. Kelly kept knocking him down as he got to his feet. His face was cut and bleeding. Map of Leobendorf 2016.

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The oldest chart I came across was Vitoria to Santa Caterina in Brazil, first published in 1833; the only thing I needed to ink in on it was a new light buoy. To me, chart correcting was a step back in time, and I would imagine the conversations of the day as the navigators had the freedom to name every island and headland and harbour. The captains and navigators found immortality in having Peter’s Island or Cook’s Passage’, dark experience was evident in No Bottom Sound or Freezing Point’, sycophancy abounded with many places called Victoria Harbour and George Island’. Imagine Captain Arthur Phillip, in command of a fleet of ships bound for Australia, filled with convicts (there were more guards than convicts, actually) arriving in 1788 at the place that was later to become the city of Sydney, saying to the Secretary of State responsible for settlement: Whatshall we call this place, Lord Sydney? Still, Captain Phillip became the first Governor of Australia, which must have been reasonable recompense for not having the main city named after him. At the end of the working day, we either sat in the ship’s bar or took the motor lifeboat ashore to the nearby village of Vestnes and went to the local bar.

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