Map of Learmonth

Map of Learmonth on I will then go on the Bid at 40 and buy 10,000 shares worth at 40 from retail traders. Once the 10,000 shares are bought, I will then sell you my 10,000 shares at 40.05, basically transferring your buy order to my account and profiting $500 (10,000  .05) for my trouble. Once I transfer your order to my account, you will see a block of 10,000 across the tape at the Ask price and for me to drop off the best Bid. If a trader is short the stock in this case, he will be glad to see that I am not a true buyer of the stock (providing support) and when I drop off the Bid, this might provide more downside potential. The most common question is why doesn’t the ax just lift his price and sell at higher levels. Map of Learmonth 2016.

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