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She lowered her eyes when Edna rambled on about her contributions to noble causes and her unflagging willingness to help those less fortunate than she. She appeared to blush at the excessive compliments, but she wasn’t even listening. She was rehearsing what she wanted to say, preparing herself for that moment when she alone stood in the spotlight. Suddenly, Edna turned away from her. We are privileged to have another young woman here this evening who is also vitally concerned about the welfare of the sick. Unfortunately, she knows firsthand about the tragic effects of ill-equipped and understaffed medical facilities. Because of her experience, she has vowed to use her vast store of energy and her resources to right that wrong wherever it exists. Because she cares and because she shares, I’d like you to give a warm welcome to Mrs Jinx Kipling and Sunset’s own Dr Matthew Grant.Matthew and Jinx made their way onto the stage to enthusiastic applause.

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