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Map of Lakemba on Since the mid 1980s, Airbus (a European consortium from GERMANY, FRANCE, the UNITED KINGDOM, and SPAIN, that was formed through the aid of EUROPEAN UNION subsidies) has emerged as a significant industry player. Airbus began life in the virtually untapped shortto medium-range market, but now competes against Boeing directly in the long-range market, and by 1994, had achieved a 28 percent global market share. In 1996, Airbus booked close to 50 percent of the world’s new orders, and delivered almost one-third of the global output of civil aircraft. There have been various trade disputes since the inception of Airbus, due to the large R&D subsidies, which Boeing and the U.S. government claim have violated the GENERAL AGREEMENT ON TARIFFS AND TRADE (GATT, now the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION). In 1992, these disputes were believed to be settled when Boeing and Airbus signed a bilateral agreement that limited the EU’s direct R&D subsidies, and also the U. Map of Lakemba 2016.

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