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Map of Ksar Es Souk on Modern construction of race thus bridged the Enlightenment with colonialism. Colonialism and the attendant modern construction of race also furnished the scaffolding for many foundational constructs of modernity. Modern theories of the state based on consent of the governed rest upon a distinction between an original social contract and a precontractual state of nature, with the latter identified with the state of affairs of the colonized people before colonization. The grounds of modern secular law rest on a posited distinction between civilized and savage norms and practices. The very self-identity of modern Europe took shape in counter-distinction with the non-European other.

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Many modern academic disciplines, organizational models, institutions of governance and discipline, and cultural practices are a product of the colonial encounter. For example, the science of fingerprinting developed in colonial Bengal to facilitate revenue collection and law enforcement. Map of Ksar Es Souk 2016.

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