Map of Ksar es Sghir

Map of Ksar es Sghir on In the jazz great’s group that night was Barney Kessel, a highly respected and in demand L.A. session guitarist, who floored the teenager. Spector collected every record Kessel appeared on and idolized the guitarist to the point he wrote Down Beat a letter praising the musician. Spector’s sister, Shirley, contacted Kessel, in – formed him her brother had written the laudatory letter to the jazz magazine, and set up a meeting between them in November 1956. The awe-struck teen hung on Kessel’s every word especially his career advice to get in on the ground floor of rock ‘n’ roll as a songwriter or producer, both professions that had longer shelf lives than performing. Kessel took the 16 year old under his wing teaching the already accomplished Spector even more about the instrument. Map of Ksar es Sghir 2016.

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