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Map of Krumbach on a drug that has a calming effect, and therefore relieves anxiety, agitation, or behavioral excitement, by depressing the central nervous system. The degree of sedation depends on the agent and the size of the dose: A drug that sedates in small doses may induce sleep in larger doses and may be used as a hypnotic; such drugs are commonly known as sedative-hypnotics. segregation n. the separation or isolation of people (e.g., ethnic groups) or other entities (e.g. Map of Krumbach 2016.

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We loaded our lethal cocktail for thirty-six hours, taking on board enough jet fuel for the South Vietnamese fighter planes to loop and swoop and fail to hit barn doors for a good fortnight. Three days later we lay waiting at the mouth of the Saigon river, waiting for the river pilot to come on board. No one had their flak-jackets on. We had picked out our helmets, though, and would wear them when we went out on the bridge wings once the ship entered the river. This was late 1973.

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