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Map of Koutiala on Menson, Michael (V) This disturbing hate crime exposed incompetence, corruption, and racial prejudice within London’s Metropolitan Police. Menson, the seventh of eleven children born in 1966 to a Ghanaian diplomat and his wife stationed in Moscow, was raised since age two in North London. As a child, his involvement in church choir led to a few years stint with the English National Opera then touring England in a production of Der Rosenklavier. By the mid?1980s Menson was studying at Barnet College on the edge of North London just miles from where the city’s club scene was exploding. Menson was drawn to the dance clubs and became a regular at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. With friends from school, the 18 year old started working as a DJ on the club circuit, and later formed Double Trouble and the Rebel MC. Described by group members as not so much a band as an organization of producers, mixers, and DJs, Double Trouble featured a danceable mix of drum rhythms, mixing, and sampling. Map of Koutiala 2016.

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