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Map of Kolkata Tourist on During the next 16 months, the lovers had sex in a variety of places including each other’s homes, the Delamere Forest, and car parks. At the suggestion of Chris Linaker who learned from Jennifer that it was one of her fantasies, the pair spiced up the sex by first videotaping themselves, then staging three-ways. Remarkably, Nick Cupit, unaware his wife actually enjoyed an ongoing adulterous relationship with friend Chris, was an enthusiastic participant, as was Linaker’s brother-in-law. For Chris, the clandestine meetings were purely about sex, but for Jennifer the relationship offered at the least a way out of a loveless marriage. In early 1998, the frustrated actress began pressuring Linaker to leave Kathy and run away with her to Canada where they could start a new life together. In April 1998, Chris finally told his lover he was not leaving his wife, or their two children, Matthew, 2, and four-month-old Holly. To add insult to injury, he informed the stunned woman that Kathy was in the early stages of pregnancy. Map of Kolkata Tourist 2016.

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