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m 1848 to 1854. Hwy. 57 leaves the route and penetrates the Laurentians to reach Hwy. 11 (Route 10) at St. Jovite. Leaving Montebello, we see 1. the buildings of the Seigniory Club, an exclusive resort, with hotel, villas and cottages; the surrounding country is excellent for hunting and fishing and this stretch of the river is of great natural beauty. 85 m. Papineauville (pop. 1,250), named after Louis Joseph Papineau, the French-Canadian leader; the village serves the dairy-farming belt along the Ottawa river; the land seen opposite is not an isd. but a long peninsula which leaves the N. shore of the river 6 m. E., enclosing Pentecost Bay; ferries connect with the Ontario shore by way of this peninsula. At Papineauville, another road leaves the route for the Laurentian lakes. 169 m. Quebec.Quebec (pop. 164,016; metropolitan area, 274,827). Quebec is quite apart from All the other cities of the Americas. It is seventeenth century in plan and French in population; it is filled with churches and other ecclesia

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Map Kflach, Austria. Maps and directions at hot-map.

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