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Dandruff. Flakiness of the dog’s skin usually is of internal origin, such as insufficient oils or fats in the diet, and we usually advise adding these to the food, along with wheat-germ oil.

Dandruff is common in house dogs who stay inside most of the time. They don’t get enough fresh air, and the skin dries out.

One of the main causes of summer snow is too frequent bathing, especially with strong soaps. The bathing robs the dog of the natural oils which keep his skin healthy.

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He droned, we fidgeted. No one had any questions, we all wanted him to go. There was an attendance register that we would be asked to sign every day. Two or three people hadn’t turned up. We were given a timetable and a list of blogs to buy, and were told of the behavioural expectations the college had of us.

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