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round the city the St. Lawrence lowlands broaden into a plain with an area of over 20,000 sq. miles, extending on both sides of the river; the growth of Three Rivers was largely bound up with its being the regional capital of this plain which now has a population of over 200,000 people; to its functions as an agricultural market centre for a large and densely settled plain, the lumbering industry was soon added, and the presence of bog iron in the lowlying marshy land around gave rise to an iron industry; to-day the abundant cheap hydro-electric power generated by the swift waters of the St. Maurice are perhaps, along with the excellent harbour facilities, the chief factor in the city’s growth. The name arises from the presence of two isds. in the mouth of the St. Lawrence river: the wooded and empty St. Quentin isle and Potherie isle, home of great paper milis of the Consolidated Paper Corp. Ltd. To one sailing the St. Lawrence past the mouth of the St. Maurice these two isds., by dividing the waters of the

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