Map of Kleinmutschen


Panoramio – Photo of Mittelpunktskapelle bei Kleinmutschen

Map of Kleinmutschen Photo Gallery

Photo – Kleinmutschen, ºton St.Donatus kpolna fel, kiskertek …

Kleinmutschen, h‘si emlkm±,Photo-Austria

… in fact I never came off nerve pills at all for about two years … I was too frightened to go out and fetch them for myself and

I used to send my eldest daughter up to the doctor’s … I was thinking about it all the time, you know, trying to plan out what I were going to do and how it would turn out, whether I would get custody of the children and the house … I- was trying to make me mind up, to push myself to go in for a divorce … it were, like, at the back of me mind all the time.

Mrs Thornleigh also took all sorts of silly tablets’ during the time when she was trying to decide what to do about the affair she was having with her, now, second husband. In such circumstances making a decision, whatever its consequences, brings some measure of relief:

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