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Map of Klaipeda on With ECNs, traders are afforded the ability to bid for stock and offer stock out at the Ask. This is a great advantage to those traders who want to buy into selling and exit into strength. When we discuss a few methods later in the book, we will show why this is beneficial. 40 Trading on Momentum The first rule about an ECN that must be known is that ECNs are not SOES-eligible. Therefore, if an ECN is at the best Ask and I want to buy stock at that price, I would have to use a route that utilizes SelectNet or a matching ECN order if I have access to that ECN route. For example, if I want to buy 1,000 shares of DELL at 50 and the only market participant is ISLD at 50, then I would have to place an ISLD order for 1,000 shares at 50 or use a SelectNet Preference order to ISLD for that amount. Assuming I was first in the order, I would be auto-executed at that price for that order. Map of Klaipeda 2016.

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