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Map of King Bay on Paper trading will do three things for you: first, it will protect your capital; second, it will build your confidence; and lastly, it will prove to you that you fully understand the methods and that they work. Paper trade until your winning percentages are 90-percent; then throw real money at the trades once you are satisfied you can make money. It only makes sense to not throw real money at a method or a trade until you can prove to yourself that the methods are working and profitable. Otherwise, you are simply gambling, and as with any gambling, the odds are in the house’s favor. To begin paper trading, simply watch the stock setup, write down the price that is most honestly attainable when the setup occurs, and then the exit price of where you would exit the trade. You need to be honest with yourself. Cheating with entry and exit prices doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself. Map of King Bay 2016.

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