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Map of Khartoum Tourist on self n. the totality of the individual, consisting of all characteristic attributes, conscious and unconscious, mental and physical. Apart from its basic reference to personal identity, being, and experience, the term’s use in psychology is extremely wide-ranging and lacks uniformity, including, for example, the following perspectives: the person as the target of self-appraisal or as having the power and capability to produce an effect or exert influence; the person as he or she gradually develops by a process of individuation; the individual identified with a lifestyle; and the essence of the individual, consisting of a gradually developing body sense, identity, self-estimate, and set of personal values, attitudes, and intentions. self-acceptance n. a relatively objective sense or recognition of one’s abilities and achievements, together with acknowledgment and acceptance of one’s limitations. Self- acceptance is often viewed as a major component of mental health. self-actualization n. Map of Khartoum Tourist 2016.

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