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Map of kefalonia on Taylor calmly let Shelby search the premises to satisfy her that her daughter was not there. The director, however, continued to be the subject of arguments between the pair long after the film wrapped. Shelby accused her daughter of sleeping with the older man, Minter denied the charge, and continued to pursue the disinterested director. Further complicating the director’s personal life was his relationship with famed Mack Sennett comedienne Mabel Normand, 27 at the time they began dating in 1920. While it was unknown if the couple were ever lovers (many at the time as well as later writers on the case believe Taylor was a discreet homosexual), they did enjoy each other’s company. Certainly the director stood by Normand as she tried unsuccessfully to kick a crippling addiction to cocaine repeatedly footing the bill for her expensive stints in rehab and actively policing the Paramount lot for drug dealers who made a lucrative living selling dope to industry personnel. Taylor once reportedly met secretly with United States District Attorney Thomas Green to persuade him to launch an antidrug campaign in Hollywood. Map of kefalonia 2016.

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