Map of Kedron

Map of Kedron on Uncle George expressed no such reserve in his love for the child and John adored him. The 14-year-old Lennon was shattered when his beloved uncle died of a brain hemorrhage on June 5, 1955. At five, John attended Dovedale Road Primary and was considered a bright if headstrong student. Even at this early age the seeds of Lennon’s inherent distrust of authority were apparent in his unwillingness to be anything but an individual. In September 1952, the 11 year old entered Quarry Bank High School, a state suburban facility. Administrators and teachers quickly identified Lennon as a behavior problem who had no interest in studying or showing respect to authority. He became the class clown and used his bitingly sarcastic wit to lash out at anyone he felt to be weak taking a special delight in tormenting cripples and those with deformities. Map of Kedron 2016.

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