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Map of Katowice Tourist on This is not to suggest that these breakouts are best traded for failure, as was boldly done below bar 9; but as soon as the first signs of trouble come forth, it is certainly no rarity to see a sharp bout of profit taking for the night (9- 10). Figure 8.4 Session overview: Whenever a rally carries the supertrend label, even a fat triple-top reversal formation (M-pattern variant 1 -7) may have a hard time swinging prices around. The thicker the pattern shows up, though, the more work there is to be done by trend trading parties to undo the reversal implications. This generally means that we cannot trade the break of such a pattern for failure on any first sign of faltering follow-through. Points of interest: A nimble bear may have taken his chances on the double-bar break below 8 (basically a four-bar combi starting at powerbar 7), if only to scalp some pip on the way down to the double magnet of the 25ema and the round number. But this is one such wager that we should avoid at all cost. Map of Katowice Tourist 2016.

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