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Map of Kastoria on However, a big difference between the Coolidge years and the subsequent Reagan years is that under Coolidge spending (in particular defense spending) was reduced, whereas under Reagan spending (in particular defense spending) escalated, leading to budget surpluses in the 1920s and deficits in the 1980s. BIBLIOGRAPHY. W. Elliot Brownlee, Dynamics of Ascent: A History of the American Economy (Random House, 1978); Calvin Coolidge, The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge (Charles E.

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Tuttle, 1931); Jonathan Hughes and Louis P. Cain, American Economic History (Addison-Wesley, 1998); Robert R. Keller, Supply-Side Economic Policies during the Coolidge-Mellon Era, Journal of Economic Issues (v. Map of Kastoria 2016.

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