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Map of Jordan Tourist on But even with fine prospects in play, always keep good track of the trade once open. A first diagonal pullback may not pose an immediate threat, but whenever a sideways cluster shows up, and then gets broken against the trade, there is a serious risk of breakout failure. A clear indication of trouble was the 4-5 element, which harbored the unmistakable features of a W-pattern middle-part, complete with false lows and a bullish powerbar on the right. A reversal exit above bar 5 is a defensible call, but do accept that there is always a risk of getting trapped out of the trade on a false adverse break. Despite the opposition in the extension of the pattern line, bulls remained persistent and eventually forced a break above bar 6. This certainly didn’t improve the odds for a OO-level visit anytime soon. If still short, best to bail out above bar 6 with minimal damage. Map of Jordan Tourist 2016.

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