Map of Joniskis

Map of Joniskis on Amazon was trading somewhere in the 200’s and an ongoing price target war between two analysts was taking place. One analyst downgraded the stock with a price target of $50, while the other analyst upgraded the stock with a price target of $400. People often refer to a stock as undervalued or overvalued; the real answer is that a stock is neither. The current price of the stock is the absolute price and therefore its value is the current price. Perceived value will continue to differ, causing traders to buy and sell stocks while creating the necessary fluctuations for momentum traders to capitalize. If everyone agreed on value, then stocks wouldn’t move, as they would sit at that value until something in the company’s formula changed to make the value different. Since momentum traders are making decisions based on this disagreement of value, they have to trade with the assumption that the stock won’t always come back to their price. Map of Joniskis 2016.

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