Map of Iztapalapa

Map of Iztapalapa on After watching a television program on adoption, Ronnie decided to adopt a child she named Donte Phillip Spector. Husband Phil was initially a doting father, but soon lost interest. In February 1969, he tossed Ronnie a professional bone and recorded the single You Came, You Saw, You Conquered, released under the name of The Ronettes, Featuring the Voice of Veronica. When the single tanked Ronnie’s depression deepened and she drank more. Terrified by the Manson Family murders in August 1969 (see entry Sharon Tate), Spector became even more security conscious and ordered the installation of barbed wire fences and attack dogs on the mansion property. Ronnie, in her perpetually drunken state, viewed her husband’s safety precautions as just another expression of control over her not much different than ordering her to hide upstairs out of sight whenever company visited. In an ill-conceived ploy to bind Ronnie even more closely to him, Spector adopted two six-year-old twins, Gary and Louis, without bothering to inform his wife. Map of Iztapalapa 2016.

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