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It is best not to feed dogs raw pork, since they are just as prone to trichinosis as humans. Actually pork is not the best meat for dogs, because of the high fat content, and some dogs seem unable to tolerate it. Other meats to be avoided are those which are fried, smoked, spiced, or highly seasoned.

A watchdog who is on duty mainly at night when the master is asleep should not be fed later than 4 p.m., for with a full stomach he will become drowsy and sleep through his guarding chores. But a barking dog who keeps the neighbors awake at night should be fed late in the evening so that he will sleep most of the night.

A dog should not be fed within 3 hours of hunting or strenuous exercise. (Athletes never eat within 4 hours of a sporting event.) After hunting or other strenuous activity a dog should have a half-hour rest before being fed.

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