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Map of italy udine on As Shapiro assembled a forensics dream team to prove Clarkson had committed suicide, Spector (no doubt on the advice of counsel) went on the offensive to argue his innocence in the media. First in Esquire ( July 2003) and then in Vanity Fair, the producer maintained that a drunken Clarkson produced a firearm and kissed the gun before firing the fatal shot into her mouth. Sevenand- a-half months after the shooting, the Los Angeles County Coroner ruled Clarkson’s death a homicide, and Spector was formally charged with her murder on November 20, 2003. If Spector 300 convicted of murder with the use of a firearm (a sentence enhancement), Spector faced the possibility of spending a minimum 15 years in a California penitentiary. In January 2004, the producer fired Robert Shapiro claiming that under the guise of friendship the attorney lined his pockets with over $1 million in non-returnable fees. Shortly afterwards, he hired celebrity attorney Leslie Abram son, a woman well-known for her aggres – sive cross-examination and powers of persuasion. Abramson lasted less than eight months before abruptly resigning. Map of italy udine 2016.

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