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Map of italy tuscany region on James testifies in a striking passage in A Small Boy and Others that the George Cruikshank illustrations for that novel had more effect on him than the text itself. Speaking of those illustrations, James, with wonderful astuteness, writes: It perhaps even seemed to me more Cruikshank’s than Dickens’s; it was a thing of such vividly terrible images, and all marked with that peculiarity of Cruikshank that the offered flowers or goodnesses, the scenes and figures intended to comfort and cheer, present themselves under his hand as but more subtly sinister or more suggestively queer, than the frank badnesses and horrors.18 Cruikshank’s Sikes, James is in effect saying, looks, paradoxicaIly, wholesome and sane compared to his Mr. Brownlow or his Oliver. The original illustrations, for example those for The Last Chronicle, function as an important adjunct to verbal meaning. They give a modern reader much information about Victorian dcor, dress, architecture, and interior furnishings. Often, however, at least in my case, the illustrations contradict my interiOl sense of what the characters looked like and of how they were Last Chronicle of Barset as a Model ofVictorian Community 51 dressed. Map of italy tuscany region 2016.

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