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Map of Iran Tourist on Dahl, Jr., a 30-yearold Pennsylvania Railroad freight representative, at the apartment they shared at 43 West 46th Street. Police suspected Dahl in the disappearance, Harger 114 but could make no headway in the case until a dismembered torso was found floating in the Hudson River off Rockaway Beach. Dahl examined the body part in the morgue and declared it not to be Harger’s because it lacked an identifying birth mark. Immediately afterwards, he made a hasty trip to Philadelphia to post telegrams under Harger’s name to himself and the man’s dance partner, Charlotte Maye, informing both that he planned to leave the business. In late August 1945, Dahl notified police that he was in receipt of a letter from Harger with a Chicago postmark in which the dancer wrote that he was going to visit his brother in California. Police checked with Harger’s brother who had heard nothing from the man. Map of Iran Tourist 2016.

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