Map of Ipswich

Map of Ipswich on 60 (Bid)  8.70 (Ask). UP-TICKS/DOWN-TICKS Notice how the previous Ask of 8.60 became the new Bid of 8.60 and the Ask rose .10 to 8.70. Map of Ipswich 2016.

Map of Ipswich Photo Gallery

At sea, the second mate and I worked a watch system of five hours on and five hours off; the Old Man was on the bridge for a lot of the time, often catnapping on the daybed in the chartroom. We went to small ports up rivers in Holland and Belgium to load, crossing the channel to Rainham in Essex before heading up the east coast to Goole. These two places were our main ports in England, although we called at a slew of other little ports as our orders demanded. The pace of work was sometimes shattering. Five hours on five hours off, and everyone up when we went into and out of port.

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