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Map of Innamincka on If aIl the world prefer to hear about these Barchester people, whom they know so weIl, to hearing about other new people, whom they do not knowat aIl and care nothing for, and Mr. Trollope is the only person who knows about them, it is a selfish and cruel proceeding on his part to shut them off from their friends. (CH, 291-2) The unsigned notice in the London Review for July 20, 1867, speaks in almost identical terms: There can be but few of Mr. Trollope’s readers in whose minds the first [sic-the word should be last words of the book now before us will not inspire a gentle melancholy. It is reaIly to be, he says, with sorne Last Chronicle of BaIset as a Madel of Victorian Community 37 solemnity of assurance, the last chronicle of Barset which we shall receive from his hands, and we cannot but feel grieved to have to say farewell to scenes which so many pleasant associations have endeared. To us, as weIl as to him, Barset has long been a real country, and its city a real city; and the spires and towers have been before our eyes, and the voices of the people are known to our ears, and the pavements of the city ways are familiar to our footsteps. [These phrases are of course cited from the la st paragraph of The Last Chronicle. Map of Innamincka 2016.

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