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Map of Indonesia Tourist on Humiliated by Gaye’s relationship with Hunter, Anna continued to apply legal pressure periodically dragging him into court. Ultimately, a unique settlement was devised to payoff the ballooning $600,000 settlement he owed her. Along with other considerations, Gaye agreed to give his soon to be ex-wife of 12 years the profits of his next album appropriately titled, Here, My Dear. As an aural document of the painful dissolution of a marriage (Anna Gordy briefly considered filing suit for invasion of privacy), the poorly selling LP stands as a unique musical offering. The divorce was finalized in March 1977. Marvin Gaye married Janis Hunter in October 1977, but the relationship was already irreparably damaged. Years of living with the singer had turned her into a junkie, and to fuel her husband’s sexual fantasies Janis had taken lovers like Rick James. Map of Indonesia Tourist 2016.

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