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Map of Ihosy on A documentary shot in London at the time, Lech Kowalski’s DOA, featured an interview with the drug-addled pair professing their undying love while Vicious, holding a hunting knife, nods off into unconsciousness. In New York, the couple tried unsuccessfully to wean themselves from heroin dependence by enrolling at a local methadone clinic. Frequent arguments instigated largely by Spungen ended in brutal beatings dished out by her stoned lover. Mutually depressed, addicted to drugs, and psychologically co-dependent, Vicious and Spungen vowed in a quasi-suicide pact that neither would long live without the other. On the morning of October 12, 1978, Vicious, 21, awoke from a druginduced stupor to find the dead body of his lover, Nancy Spungen, 20, in a pool of blood on the bathroom floor. Death was attributed to a single knife wound in the lower abdomen. Vicious called police and during questioning admitted he could remember little of the evening due to his drug use, but allegedly did confusedly confess to stabbing his lover of 18 months because she failed to score heroin. Map of Ihosy 2016.

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