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Map of Iffley on Tone never landed a punch. As Tone slowly recovered, Payton informed the press that her engagement to Neal was off. The star of Bride of the Gorilla (1951) now intended to wed Franchot Tone as soon as he was sufficiently recovered. Neal, left to twist in the legal wind while awaiting Tone’s decision whether to file felony assault charges against him, told his side of the parlor man versus the athlete story in a September 17, 1951 Los Angeles Times article bearing his by-line. Maintaining his love for Payton, Neal said she instigated the confrontation with Tone over a period of months by playing the two men off against one another. Of the altercation: Barbara came out and asked Franchot when he was going to get rid of me and then threw her arms around him and kissed him. That’s what touched it off. Map of Iffley 2016.

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