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Map of hyderabad on In earlier statements, Fung maintained he had collected the bulk of the forensic evidence, but under Scheck’s intense questioning was forced to admit that the inexperienced Mazzola had processed much of the scenes. Moreover, Fung’s collection techniques were sloppy and did not adhere to departmental procedures. In many instances, the criminalist had failed to use gloves during collection leaving open the possibility of evidence contamination. Scheck pointed out inconsistencies in Fung’s work noting he had not collected the blood on the back gate at South Bundy until nearly three weeks after the murders. While the DNA collected on the walkway at Bundy on the day following the murders had degraded the blood on the back gate collected later had not and appeared to contain preservatives. This contention dovetailed with Cochran’s earlier assertions that the police (most notably Mark Fuhrman) had planted the blood on the gate, in the Bronco, and on O.J. Map of hyderabad 2016.

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