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Map of Hyderabad Tourist on For this reason, the short below bar 8 qualifies as a resistance exit candidate. An option here could be to cash in as soon as bar 9 hit upon the highs of the hiccup at 2 , or thereabouts, a little shy of 20 pip. It took bull parties about forty minutes to create a very interesting reversal pattern from which to launch another upside attack: the Wwvariant in the box around 13:00. The break above bar 10 set up from below a falling 25ema, but this was more a consequence of the substantial pullback rather than bearish pressure on the whole. Certainly a pleasant bonus here was the favorable round number magnet about 25 pip out. The 1 0- 1 2 bull swing marched straight through former highs, but as soon as its momentum Petered out, bears simply continued their favorite practice of the day: trapping bulls above the round number. And as was the case earlier on, this eventually led to another Mm-pattern ( 1 1 – 13). Map of Hyderabad Tourist 2016.

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