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Map of Huetamo on Mrs. Crawley is torn between her awareness that it will be good for her husband to go out among his poor parishioners and her fear that he may be intending to commit suicide. The passage describes an iterated scene, one that takes place over and over again. Crawley habitually and on many different occasions sits by the fire feeling sorry for himself, luxuriating in his self~pity: During these long hours, in which he would sit speechless, doing nothing, he was telling himself from minute to minute that of aIl God’s creatures he was the most heavily afflicted, and was reveling in the sense of the injustice do ne to him. In spite of the passage’s specificity, its goal is to present a global and longcontinued state of mind. The narrative voice presents what Crawley felt lilze to himself as he sat brooding by the fire. TIlat state of mind is elaborately Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Vicforian Community 69 reticulated. Map of Huetamo 2016.

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