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tional Gallery. The way out, the escape from this haunted and ovcr chaiged arena is through the chantry of another king, under a heavily carved screen over which ride the helm, shield and saddle of Henry V and past his headless effigy; it is indeed Henry V, but his head was silver, and irresistible as loot. Beyond this, we are again in Henry VIP Chapel, perhaps for hours. The floor is discreetly civilised in black and white marble diamonds, and is eighteenth century; beneath are Hanoverians. It strikes an oddly lay note after the great stone grey flags of the Abbey, but matches the sophistication of the sixteenth century chapel perfectly, an admirable foil for the consummate virtuosity, the aerial acrobatics in stone that go on overhead. The fan vaulting is in fact not fan vaulting, but an illusion of fan vaulting conceived in sheer exuberance of invention, as if in mischief to contradict the proposition that a groin vault is not a fan vault. If you look hard, or if you help yourself with binoculars, you can

Hoyanger Location Guide

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Political 3D Map of H¸yanger

Hoyanger Location Guide

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