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Map of houston on TWO PHASES When a trader begins to consider market dynamics, he or she must approach it in two phases. Phase one involves tracking the movements of groups of stocks with like-mindedness, or the tracking results (the springboard for consistent profits) will be too confusing to be able to find any predictability. A trader must know what skews the percentages and eliminate them to find the diamonds in the rough. Like-mindedness means that given a certain set of circumstances, a particular type of momentum will produce similar movements over a short period of time. These predictable movements are what I call historical evidence, which is the percentages of behavior predictability over time. For example, we are interested in the movements of all good news stocks that climb over 10-percent at the open over the last few days, weeks, and months. We are particularly interested in information on premarket gaps, pre-market volume, the amount of selling or lack of selling at the open, the amount of climb off the first bottom, and the potential off the next highs and lows as the stock oscillates during the day. Map of houston 2016.

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