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of communication, Sherbrooke, 100 m. from Mon-real and 30 m. from the international border, has had an advantage over other towns in the eastern township and has outstripped them All in size and industrial development. The falls on the Magog river, having been utilized to provide abundant cheap hydro-electric power, have also favoured the supremacy of Sherbrooke in the region. The country to the N. of the city, though very hilly, is largely productive, and dairy products, pig products, honey and maple syrup are among its riches. The population of Sherbrooke is now mostly French in language and Catholic in religion (see p. 235), and the city is the see of a Roman Catholic bishop. History. Sherbrooke was founded in 1794 by Gilbert Hyatt, a united empire loyAllst from Vermont, and the place, which had before been called Grand Forks, owing to the junction of the Magog and St. Francis rivers, was no w known as Hyatt’s Mills. By 1818 the population was 53. The name Sherbrooke had been taken in 1812, in honour of

Panoramio – Photo of Wadgassen-Hostenbach – Kath. Kirche u0026quot;Herz Jesuu0026quot;

Map of Hostenbach Photo Gallery

hostenbach, Saarland, Germany – What happens in hostenbach right now!

Panoramio – Photo of Hostenbach – Saar Blick Richtung Blechwalzwerk

File:Saarland location map 2.svg – Wikimedia Commons

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