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Map of holland on He must learn to hate them and to love them. He must argue with them, quarrel with them, forgive them, and even submit to them. He must know of them whether they be cold-blooded or passionate, whether true or false, and how far true and how far false. The depth and the breadth and the narrowness and shallowness of each should be clear to him. And as, here in our outer world, we know that men and women change,-become worse or better as temptation or conscience may guide them,-so should these creatures [creations in other versions of the An Autobiography of his change, and every change should be noted by him. On the la st day of each month recorded every person in his novel should be a month older than on the first. (AA, 149-50) As impalpable ghosts inhabiting Trollope’s mind, his characters have no more public or shared an existence than did the figures in Trollope’s guilty, youthful, self-indulgent daydreams. Map of holland 2016.

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