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He'd found a home.

I worked the whole summer there and when it came time to leave, Dirk remained sitting in the yard as I walked down the driveway. The next summer I had bought an old Dodge for twenty-five dollars and I drove out to Olaf's to say hello and saw Dirk out in a field with perhaps two hundred sheep. He wasn't herding them, or chasing them, but was just standing there, watching the flock.

“You have him with the sheep? ” I asked Olaf.

He nodded. “Last year I lost forty-three to coyotes, ” he said.

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“This year not a one. He likes to guard things, doesn't he? ”

I thought of Dirk chasing Happy down the street, and later spitting out bits of his pants, and I smiled. “Yeah, he sure does. ”

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