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Map of Highett/Melbourne on And these books are just as English as a beefsteak. (AA, 96) Hawthorne’s figure is not even of miniaturization or of representation. TroIlope’s novels are actual pieces of English life, detached and put under a glass case where the reader may see aIl that is going on. More usual in Victorian criticism were images of realistic representation, of truth of Last Chronicle of Barset as a Madel of Victorian Community 21 correspondence. Gilmartin’s notes to her edition of The Last Chronicle, for example, stress the way the novel accurately reflects the operation of English law or of Ecclesiastic:al politics at the time the novel was written. County magistrates would indeed bind over someone accused of a crime to be tried at the next convening of the Assizes, as happens in the novel. A series of commissions and acts of parliament-the Ecclesiastical Commission of 1835, the Established Church Act of 1836, the Pluralities Act of 1838, and the Dean and Chapter Act of 1840-had reformed the Church of England, as the novel accurately reflects. Map of Highett/Melbourne 2016.

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