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cathedral, because of its already intimate bonds with crown and government, already sanctified by centuries of coronations, already the mausoleum of generations of English royalty, and with the embryonic Parliament meeting in its Chapter House and the Royal Treasury firmly established in the Chapel of the Pyx. So it survived. Thereafter the history of its stones is already one of restoration as much as of addition. Restoration was necessary in the early seventeenth century, and has continued ever since, so that the exterior wc see now is (relatively) modern; the last major addition came in the early eighteenth century, the towers on the west front built to the designs of Wren and Hawksmoor. These twin towers arc confusing. They are best seen, I think, distinct from the body of the church, that is from St James’s Park through the trees, and preferably on a summer evening incandcsccnt against the lowering sun. Then they are exactly right, a water colourist‚„s dream beyond the water and the foliage; not truly G

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Where is Hermosillo, Mexico? / Where is Hermosillo, Mexico Located …

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Hermosillo Sonora Mexico Map

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