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Location – VOGT Ceramic Components

Map of Henfenfeld Photo Gallery

Yes, it were because I hadn’t thought about it before then. I just sat back and relaxed … it were just like flashes, you know, in fact me mum can’t get over it, she says how I altered.

This turning point may occur at any time, but the anger, conflict and resentments have often built up over a considerable period until one or other partner can bear them no longer.

TWO MARRIAGESWe stay up too late and feel grim the next morning. We are the same people we were and will always be, but we are also different from each other as well, having taken our separate paths. John left the sea early and roamed the globe for years. He is mostly at peace with the world now, although a part of him remains slightly unsettled. He tells jokes all the time; he still has the same edginess about him.

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