Map of Heathlands

Map of Heathlands on I heard a voice telling me to do so. That would not stand up weIl in a court oflaw as an excuse for a f~lther’s murder ofhis son. Three great world religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, take the story of a f .ther’s willingness to sacrifice his son as their founding story, while the other great strand in our tradition, the Graeco-Roman one, takes instead Oedipus’s actual, though inadvertent, murder ofhis fatller. No two positions could be in starker contrast than those of Williams and Heidegger, as stark as the opposition between Oedipus and Abraham. What is good for Williams, belonging to an egalitarian community, is bad for Heidegger. It is given the dyslogistic name ofbeing lost in the they. Map of Heathlands 2016.

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