Map of Hamburg Tourist

Map of Hamburg Tourist on Further Reading Crane, Cheryl, and Cliff Jahr. Detour: A Hollywood Story. New York: Arbor House/William Morrow, 1988. Jones, Jack. Jury Clears Cheryl after Lana’s Story. Los Angeles Times, April 12, 1958, sec. A, pp. Map of Hamburg Tourist 2016.

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The berth was waiting for us near Keppel, right on the city waterfront. We cleared customs and immigration at anchor, then picked up the hook and went alongside. The avenues of my life always seemed to lead me back to Singapore. I had gone to school there, it had virtually been my home port when I was a cadet on tankers, and now it was one of the main destinations for the Leith company. In early 1976 there was a hint of change in the air, heralding the transformation that would later destroy the ambiance and transform Singapore into an antiseptic and soulless city state.

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