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Now a few days before I am leaving what a lotta behind us a forever that’s too dramatic we are about to go into this market place called San Juan de Dios we’ve kind of been warned that it’s on the kind of wrong end of Guadalajara not the safest area to be. So I have my purse around, and keeping guard, and we’ve been told not to take out our phones I probably look. So conspicuous right now our friend even said there’s like a black market going on in there, and this market was originally built for around 200 shops full stalls, and now it has almost a thousand, and it’s just supposed to be really crowded another market place in Guadalajara recently burned down, and had to be rebuilt. Because of this. Because there were too many shops it’s like not a touristy thing you know it’s more genuine I feel like should be interesting.

Map of Guadalajara Photo Gallery

So out exploring Centro again in a different area or another side of the cathedral and. So beautiful, and Diego here visiting again from light of whether I think, I’m gonna move yeah going out to place that I’ve really been wanting to go lately it is the Octavio Paz Bolivia which way you both say different ways vivy is translating old French. So many languages does he know no one knows. So we have come to Russia Parque it is a town outside of metal Ahana, and touch the top job isn’t it find that on your waist we found this gorgeous historic garden kind of class these streets here are just really really cool really pretty found this beautiful courtyard now I love how they do this to the tree. So beautiful the view is taking pictures me right now really Olivia what is this place oh my god you took such a good picture of me I think, I’m gonna put it in the post. So you can see what a good photographer Livio is. Because when you’re a solo traveler you never have anything.

But selfies. So in all of these amazing places you only have selfies of yourself, and that’s it, and that’s all you have ever if you ever ask a tourist to take a picture of you they take the like the most incredibly terrible photo you’ve ever seen now that Livia is here to take pictures of me I don’t really mind that that’s why, I’m teaching him photography yes dose it’s a sobbing Olivia just bought me this bracelet buildings here are just. So cool the architecture is really beautiful colonial I guess, and there’s all of these really amazing shops that you can go into that have the most beautiful things, and I just want to take. So many pictures. But a lot of them say these steps are so pretty I love them they’re like a little ruined I think the building was deserted what’s over here where the some reason all around the town there are pigs, and this one abused to be a butterfly skeleton cake I don’t know he’s my new friend I really like Laurie, I’m glad that I was here, and it is a it really looking forward to my next there’s a lot of amazing stuff coming up that we’re going for locations, and everything. So yeah joy can run louder for three months, and now we are on to the next place which I am so excited about. So see you there.

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