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Long nails can cause foot problems. Any dog owner can become proficient in nail-clipping. If you cut too deeply and the quick bleeds, use alum powder or a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding. Clip the dew claws also.

In keeping the eyes clean, a mild salt-water solution applied with cotton or soft tissue is excellent.

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He told me that he would become chief officer once he passed his Second Mate’s Certificate and would eventually be given a senior port management job in Tema, the port for Accra, capital of Ghana. He said he would even be given command of a ship for a few weeks so he could call himself captain in his new port management job. I congratulated Marvin on his future success, although there was something in the depths of his eyes I didn’t like. I felt that deep down he disliked me and everyone else in the room. As the course took shape, the lecturers often succeeded in driving us to drink by lunchtime.

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