Map of Glen Ullin

“Does he drink?”


“How long since he’s had food?”

“Two, no, three days.”

A long pause. “Well, if he’s drinking he’s not going to dehydrate. Give him a couple more days and if he doesn’t eat then you’ll have to bring him in and we’ll tube him.”

“Tube him?”

Glen Ullin, North Dakota (ND 58631) profile: population, maps …

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Glen Ullin North Dakota Street Map 3830860

Glen Ullin North Dakota Street Map 3830860

Where is Glen Ullin, Pennsylvania

The problems and pressures that tested me were just different, and I remained forever handicapped by the confines of my own personality and the errant foolishness of my notions. Older and wiser; but not wise. For the next six years I served as a junior officer across a range of ships, across the range of the world. My life was both halcyon and turbid. I am comfortable in writing of what happened, not only of the good things but also of my fecklessness and waste.

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