Map of Gillman

Map of Gillman on The rock star was a few steps inside the archway when the assassin pulled the .38-caliber pistol from his coat pocket, dropped into a two-handed combat stance and pumped five shots at Lennon’s back. The first two hollowpoints struck the former Beatle in the back, spinning him to face his killer as two of the next three bullets slammed into his shoulder, and exploded in his body wreaking deadly havoc in his chest cavity and severing his windpipe. Lennon staggered up the five stairs to an interior guard office and fell face-down on the floor. Chapman let Perdomo shake the gun out of his hand and was intermittently sitting on his coat and pacing up and down on the sidewalk reading his copy of The Catcher in the Rye when police arrived minutes later. Taken into custody, he begged officers not to hurt him. Police carried the mortally wounded rock star to their patrol car and sped him to Roosevelt General Hospital. Map of Gillman 2016.

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